Cielo presents the washbasins’ collection "I Catini"

Cielo, company expert on ceramic sanitary ware, presents the collection “I Catini”, designed by Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano.

The project takes inspiration from the past in order to reinterpret in a modern way one of the symbols of bathroom furniture of the early twentieth century. The collection is available in three different versions: round, oval and double. Proposed with or without the set-up for fittings, the new ceramic washbasins are integrated in the black or brushed bronze finishes with elegant steel structures, with ceramic or marble table tops or functional wooden drawers.

Both the washbasins and the ceramic tops can be customized by using the 16 different shades of “Terre di CIELO”, a range of colors and tactility inspired by nature: Talc, Pumice, Frost, Sandstone, Basalt, Cocoa, Moss, Agave, Linen, Oat, Cement, Mud, Slate, Hemp, Powder and Dust. They are also available in glossy white.

Finally, four mirrors complete the collection, including two containers - round and oval - equipped with internal shelves and a shell made of matt black lacquered or brushed bronze wood.