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Medium Plenty's Holistic Designs Are Defined by Material Honesty

The firm’s diverse, integrated portfolio is infused with a signature approach to material honesty and respect for beauty in all of its many forms.

Bamboo Pavilion in Shanghai, China

Chongming, a beautiful island with excellent natural environmental and ecological resources, has unique advantages providing conditions for the development of local tourism and agriculture.

A House Built Around a Tree by CRA

CRA unveils the Greenary, a private residence built around a ten-meter-tall ficus tree, located at the center of the living space. The traditional Italian farmhouse was redesigned to showcase new approaches to blur the boundaries between the natural and artificial.

An "artistic" refuge with natural materials

In the historical Tercio y Terol suburb, a home is intervened to become a multidisciplinary workshop for a multifaceted client.

Bailey Hotel & Resort, Cairns, Queensland

Tourism and hospitality group, Crystalbrook Collection, is set to transform the skyline of Cairns City (Queensland, Australia) with an almost 320 million Euro investment in three new international hotels.

"Appropriate" Bistro Bergsteiger in Sesto, Italy

Located in the midst of the Unesco Natural Heritage area of the Dolomites of Sesto (Italy), in a position used as a tourist hotspot, Bistro Bergsteiger fits properly and carefully into its natural and built context.

The Bay Window Tower House, Tokyo

The prize-winning building is located in the Tokyo district of Shibuya and comprises a small family home and office.

Bathroom renovation at Richmond Private Residence

A family home with an extremely busy bath-time routine, had outgrown their small bathroom which consisted of a shower and bath.

A former factory turns to a luxury loft with continuous surfaces

Recovering the past in a modern perspective: this is what happened in this contemporary loft, designed by Niels Maier.

The smoked oak for the Mt. Isthmus Lodge

New Zealand offers extraordinary nature experiences, especially in the isolated mountainous region of the South Island.