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Villa H, neo-Basque elegance

Enveloped in the scent of the ocean and lilac trees, the neo-Basque villa dating from 1925 on the picturesque bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz twinkles with a revived brilliance.

House Carezza: experiencing the panorama

The two new wooden houses translate the alpine architectural tradition of farmhouses into the present by combining materials such as wood and stone.

An old manor house converted into a summer residence in the Galician land

ARQUID architecture studio rehabilitates the interior of an old Galician manor house, adapting it to current needs without losing its rural essence.

New NOA headquarters

The challenges that NOA embraced when designing its new headquarters in Bolzano involved reimagining workspaces while embodying its own architectural vision.

In Porto Rotondo, Alvisi Kirimoto complete Villa S

In Porto Rotondo, one of the most exclusive destinations in Sardinia, in a silent area away from the spotlight, Alvisi Kirimoto presents Villa S — a winding residence overlooking the sea, with a breathtaking view of the Golfo degli Aranci.

“MED”: The Triumph of Mediterranean Style

Surrounded by the enchanting landscape of the Catalan coast, “MED” is the apartment owned by a painter, recently renovated by Maribel Caballero and Ismael Barajas of the CírculoCuadrado studio. The heart of the living area is the kitchen, featuring an island covered in Lapitec sintered stone.

Fantini Mosaici renews the charm of Palazzo Kiton in Milan

High craftsmanship, made in Italy, experience, passion, unparalleled quality. There are many values that Kiton – high tailoring Italian brand - and Fantini Mosaici have in common.

Inhabiting Nature: Residences in Sotogrande by L35 Architects

L35 Architects presents the architectural and interior design endeavor 'Village Verde Sotogrande'; a testament to a model that provides the same privacy and comfort as a single-family home, within a residential block.

PRIVATE HOUSE B104 Studio Svetti Architecture

Revisiting and updating in a modern key the lifestyle of a region rich in traditions, culture and artistic sense and contaminating its contents through ideas of cosmopolitanism: these are just some of the elements that inspired this project.

Bernhardt&Vella designed the interior of Casa Rugiano

Bernhardt&Vella designed the interior of Casa Rugiano, a space dedicated to showcasing the brand's furniture within the company, presenting a vision of luxurious and sophisticated living. Some of Rugiano's most distinctive products interact with architectural elements that make a strong statement, along with custom-made furniture and unique pieces.

A modern loft in Mallorca with Fantin solutions

In Inca, in the heart of the island of Mallorca, Chiara Ferrari has recently breathed new life into a leather factory dating back to 1934, in a renovation project steeped in refined minimalism that celebrates its industrial essence.

Modern black and white loft apartment

Located in a courtyard in the centre of Turin and originally used as a body shop, Loft M50 is the result of a renovation and redevelopment project by the interior designer Paola Marè.

Convivial minimalism and tailored pieces with Mo.1950

Situated in the iconic Parco Vittoria complex, this Milanese apartment seamlessly melds curated catalog items with custom elements, creating a distinctive and intimate balance. The project has been meticulously crafted by the interior designer Matteo Lualdi of LualdiMeraldi Studio.

Olive-green tiles custom-made by DECOCER for a very special street-tavern

Decocer ceramic tiles clad the main façade of an authentic tavern, Trenkaclosques, "groundbreaking and rogue" as it calls itself. The highly glazed olive-green tiles fill the space with light and colour, giving it a great personality. A project made to measure with small format pieces from the firm Decocer and designed by Armonic Consultores (technical projects, works and installations).

Gran Melià Palazzo Cordusio, preserve the past by designing the future

The historic Palazzo Venezia, a building erected at the end of the 19th century based on a design by architect Luca Beltrami, formerly the headquarters of Generali Assicurazioni, reopened its doors.

Open Park Villa

The design of the open park villa is tailored to the diversity of it's environment. The interplay of greenery, varied ground levels, and long sightlines creates a diverse living experience. The spread-out living floorplan on the ground floor forms as one connective space in the interior, unlike the fragmented uniformity of a single compact exterior volume.

A.P.O. plans the flagship store of SVD in Dubai

With a neo-industrial inspiration, the design combines metals with natural materials in 790 square metre premises.

A blaze of colour in a revamped apartment, using tiles by WOW Design

The owners, originally from Mexico and Galicia, wanted their new home to reflect their roots through the colours of WOW’s tiles. Madrid-based interior design studio Sierra+De La Higuera was responsible for revamping the whole apartment.

The new life of an hotel on the coast close to Sanxenxo

Designed by Paco Galiñanes Estudio, it recovers an old building and its subsequent extensions to revitalize this coastal area of the Ría de Pontevedra.

Renovation of an apartment in Rozzano

This project by the Interior Designer Francesca Gilardi of Gilardi Interiors on Staging in Milan involved an entire 180 square metre apartment on two levels connected by a staircase, with the living area on the bottom level and access to a small terrace on the upper level under the roof.