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The smoked oak for the Mt. Isthmus Lodge

New Zealand offers extraordinary nature experiences, especially in the isolated mountainous region of the South Island.

The Ipè decking for the outdoors by Ravaioli Legnami

Originating in South America, Ipè is the most common wood type in the world of decking.

Casa L&J Zapopan, Mexico

Alvaro Moragrega, a renowned Guadalajara-based architect, is proud to unveil Casa L&J, a residential project adjacent to a golf course in Zapopan, Mexico.

Wood waves and metallic vibes for unusual Fast Food in Moscow

Gretaproject, Russian Architecture and Design studio started in 2010, had an interesting task: to create a light, fashionable, cozy interior for Chicken Mafia fast-food restaurant in Moscow, Russia.

Wood and brick combined for maxi eclectic planks

The new combination of Cadorin wood planks and the Lustri Veneziani terracotta tiles (Industrie Cotto Possagno) is a fine material mix, designed for both vertical and horizontal coatings.