iCANNETI boiserie system

iCanneti by CP Parquet are elegant wooden coverings, inspired by sinuous reeds moved by the wind, which give an exciting geometric rhythm to the surfaces and create amazing effects of continuity within the environments.

Thanks to grooves, recesses, shapes and thicknesses, the slender strips come to life, giving rise to a three-dimensional decorative covering with a strong expressive value ideal for walls, doors and furnishing accessories. This contemporary design is designed to enhance the minimalist aesthetic, taking advantage of the modularity of the elements that are repeated in a balanced way in the space.

Made with high-quality Antico Asolo 3-layer boards, iCanneti represent a new boiserie system: modular, adaptable to different architectural needs, easy to install. The minimal and refined aesthetic hides under the surface an innovative, easily removable, retractable mounting solution. The strips are clipped in seconds to the profiles fixed to the wall (without glue or visible screws) and can be easily removed and repositioned at any time, allowing replacement or access to hidden sockets and compartments.

iCanneti enhance environments with high quality wood species, such as American Walnut and European Oak, and are available in numerous colors to offer an extraordinary freedom of customization. 
Each room will convey a fascinating feeling of movement and harmony, creating a unique and engaging atmosphere.

The iCanneti collection offers the opportunity to transform every surface into real design elements

Credits: Ing. Cecilia Guglielmino - Ph Studio Morf - CP Parquet by Arkasa srl