Ex.t presents Nouveau and Frieze

Ex.t chooses again Maison&Objet to unveil its new products. Successfully launched last year in Paris, Nouveau collection is enriched with a bathtub and a shower system, confirming the synergy of the Florentine brand with designers duo Paola Vella and Ellen Bernhardt. 2020 is a year of ex-perimentation and exploration of new languages for Ex.t, which introduces a new excellent collabo-ration with Marcante-Testa study, resulting in a new collection: Frieze.
Aesthetically exuberant, full of color, and with a strong architectural imprint, Frieze aims to expand further the offer of Ex.t catalogue, that last year had already distinguished itself with a touch of po-etry and emotion thanks to Nouveau collection. Both Nouveau and Frieze, albeit with different aes-thetic languages, reflect the core idea of Ex.t bathroom: a modular, versatile and functional envi-ronment able to transform and renew itself continuously following the trends of contemporary living.

Frieze the new collection of washbasins and bathroom accessories designed by Marcante-Testa for Ex.t. Inspired by "entablatures" series by Roy Lichtenstein, the project is articulated through different levels of signs, materials and colours where the washbasin stars as central element of the bath-room to organize the accessory elements. The architectural approach of the designers in-volves the entire spatial dimension of the bathroom: the position of the sink is defined from a cen-tral wall strip, the upper and a lower part of the wall can be covered in different materials, creating space to install the mirror, shelves, furniture and towel hooks. Featuring three washbasins Frieze One High, Frieze One Low and Frieze Two Lined, along with various accessories, it offers a very versatile system both spatially and stylistically. The combination of different shapes, colours, finish-es and materials allows a lot of unique and original combinations.

Freely inspired by the Art Déco of early 20th century Nouveau collection - featuring washbasins, containers mirrors and accessories - gets richer in 2020 with new elements: a bathtub and a show-er system. 

The bathtub shows the same sinuous and geometric lines of the entire collection. Its small size and circular shape includes a detail that, just like in the washbasins, is both decorative and func-tional.
Thanks to this element it is possible to place objects or install the taps, allowing the bath to be set on the wall as well as a centerpiece of the room.
Along with the basins, the bathtub is made in LivingTecⓇ, a solid surface featuring high technical performances and pleasant to the touch, available in matt white or blush pink; a delicate and re-fined shade still inspired by the beginning of the last century. The Nouveau shower system has a strong personality. Like the other elements of the collection, it is a contemporary and essential in-terpretation of the Art Dèco, featuring clear and asymmetrical geometries as main details. Trans-forming contrasts into harmony, the system combines the visual lightness of glass and refined col-ours with the sharp lines of the frame.