Focus on the shower stall for Ideagroup

The Italian Ideagroup, specialized in bathroom furniture, focused on the shower stall, presenting at Cersaie 2016 its latest products’ innovations with special attention to current market trends. Besides the extension of the finishes range of the accessories collection Sense by Aqua, there are other new products: the two new shower stalls, with their minimal and modern design, complete the series Disenia.

The focus is on a shower stall with sliding door, differing from the others for the Extrabrill frame, only laterally and on the upper edge, in order to leave visible the shower tray without creating stability problems to the stall, achieving instead greater aesthetic refinement. The stall door is easily detachable, thus favoring cleanability. Besides this feature, there are top closure caps, dust-resistant features and an antibacterial treatment for the PVC seals of the magnet.

Omega is instead a framed pivot shower enclosure, with frame made of Brill Alloy with an extra glossy surface finish and aluminum magnet holder profiles hiding the plastic seal. In order to get a more minimalist silhouette, the lateral cylinder is streamlined, passing from a thickness of 44mm to 25mm.

The new shower tray Fly completes the series, characterized by a deeper containment basin (55 mm) and a 2% gradient. Fly by Disenia is made of Solidgel, an Ideagroup material consisting of a mixture of minerals with a low percentage of polyester. The entire surface is then covered with 1 mm of Gelcoat that makes the tray resistant to scratches and impacts. The bush-hammered tray’s finish is available in six standard colors.