Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-W for individual bathrooms

Create vanity units that are as individual as the design requests of builders and renovators – with the prefabricated Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-W rigid foam element. The material can be custom cut and tiled to individual specifications.

The convenient set includes all the components you need for building an individually designed, tiled vanity unit for installation below wall fittings. It comprises a prefabricated element made of the rigid foam panels Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD as well as matching corner pieces, a drain adapter with a 1¼" connection thread for standard siphons and a cartridge of the reliable KERDI-FIX sealing adhesive. The drain adapter is also equipped with a permanently adhered, elasticated KERDI sealing collar to create a secure connection to the element and the upright wall. The KERDI-LINE-VARIO drainage profiles to match the covering of the vanity unit must be ordered separately. They can be variably shortened, are height-adjustable to adapt to the covering and come with two pre-adhered end caps.

Since the vanity unit can be individually cut to size, it is suitable for installation in niches or wall corners and easily adaptable to any on-site dimensions. The optionally available wall consoles create a completely free-floating solution for barrier-free bathrooms with ample space for wheelchair use underneath. As another option, you can also use the 50 mm KERDI BOARD panel to build supporting stands for the vanity unit.

KERDI-BOARD-W provides professional tile installers with a waterproof component that is easy to handle and install thanks to its low weight. The vanity unit meets the load requirements of DIN EN 14688 and can be optimally integrated into the waterproofing assembly of the wall. The groundbreaking system solution complements the extensive product range of Schlüter-Systems for building attractive and comfortable bathrooms for all generations.