Copper at home: the new De Castelli project

The new De Castelli project is dedicated to the home. The home because, in just a short space of time, we’ve found ourselves having to deal with new ways of living and interacting with the outside world, and we’ve had to rapidly adapt both the way we behave and our needs. The home because we all wish to furnish the places we live in and share with our loved ones with products which are both beautiful and useful as well as safe and healthy. 

Identifying these themes, De Castelli has teamed up with 4 pairs of designers – Adriano Design, Lanzavecchia + Wai, Martinelli Venezia Studio and Zanellato/Bortotto, – who have devised a new form of artistic expression working exclusively with copper, one of De Castelli's signature metals. The decision to use copper was made to exploit its antibacterial properties, and these have been maintained thanks to the research conducted by the company that ensures it can be processed and used for interiors without altering the intrinsic effectiveness of the material.

Being careful about the things we carry with us, adopting precise patterns of behaviour, more conscious routines, and a different approach to leisure time – these are some of the habits that make up a ‘new normal’, and which have prompted entirely new design projects for interiors. Thus, entrance hall furniture, a bar cabinet, a games table or complementary furniture becomes precious and takes centre stage in our day-to-day activities, with a renewed, modernised role, and a perspective which re-centres our attention on the home and the time we spend there.
And the natural beauty of copper returns to prominence: left free from any protective surface treatments, it’s transformed into a living material, which varies over time, in concert with the people using the objects.