An eco-stone table by Connubia

Connubia, the young and contemporary brand of Calligaris Group, follows the company philosophy and commitment to sustainability, creating its first green product. The top of the table YO is made of an innovative recycled material, called Eco-Stone, obtained from the recovery of fiberglass and other post-consumer fibre-reinforced compounds.

Eco-Stone is produced by recovering the materials used for the production of boats, wind turbines, road manholes and other high-performance items: these are granulated and re-aggregated under high pressure, guaranteeing product strength and stability in all environmental conditions. Eco-Stone proves to be an entirely eco-friendly material, recyclable once again at the end of that lifecycle. 

The structure of the table YO is made of aluminum, the lightest material par excellence and with good mechanical properties. The special treatments and powder or liquid painting make it suitable for outdoor use. Multiple opaque finishes are available: black, saffron, thyme, optical white and lemon. The eco-stone top is in salt and pepper nuance.

Yo is available in two different sizes: six-seater or eight-seater.