Marble becomes high quality furniture with Elite Stone

It’s no coincidence the combination of the marble beauty besides the deep knowledge of its surface on all fronts (aesthetic and technical) with the attention to current market trends. This is the premise that in 2000 shaped the Italian company specialized in high-quality Elite Stone marble, still under the wise control of its founder Tetyana Kovalenko.

The brand offers a varied range of interior design solutions, basically marked by "tailor made" to offer designers and customers personalized and accurate products based on specific needs.

Among the most recent creations you can find Vanilla Sky, an evocative wardrobe designed for the sleeping area. The suffused lighting of the backlit onyx boiserie with the vanilla leather inserts and the high quality wooden frame upholstered with erable blend into a ton-on-ton effect. The features of the ultra-thin onyx stand out in this Made in Italy craftsmanship masterpiece.

The strong point of the first collection Es Atelier is the furniture system Coral Black, completed by an impressive new entry for the cooking zone. The shutters, which can be opened in full height or concealed with sliding pocket, reveal a wall with rare finishes: the frame is made of marine multilayer wood with erable interior lining and high quality washable exterior leather finish, glossy black nickel-plated steel handles and integrated lights with automatic ignition. The entire wall is equipped with appliances branded Miele.

In the middle there is an extraordinary winery space with double shutter with sliding pocket, for a precious and modern lounge bar inside your home. The luxurious modernity materializes in the equipped freestanding area with illuminated sliding-top that reveals an Absolute Black granite worktop with integrated sink, removable faucet and a state-of-the-art induction hob.

Furthermore, the most advanced technologies results in the most artistic expression of marble: a triptych of inlaid slabs by Calacatta Borghini and Pietra Fossena combined with glass and integrated with a lighted panel, host of a typifying and decorative majestic jaguar.

Two additional sculptural elements confirm once again the brand philosophy, which conceives natural stone a true piece of furniture and not a mere material: an entrance door (covered by the elegant Calacatta Renoir) with armored closure system and a bathtub made of a unique block of finest Onice Gray Bubble, even and pleasing to the touch.