From Moss&Lam, the W1 Tables

The W1 Tables by Moss&Lam revel in the past while looking to the future. Named Dover Street, Dean Street and Mount Street, the three, complimentary pieces evoke a walk along some of the most elegant stretches of London’s central, W1 district. Stately Georgian townhouses contrast slick new inserts, making for a vibrant backdrop to a bustling, modern street life.

Following suit, the W1’s sculptural, expressive forms belie a thoughtful versatility and practicality. The pieces can be used in a variety of spaces — bedrooms, living rooms, entryways — and look equally comfortable beside an antique armchair or a minimal, modern sofa.

The materiality establishes the duality of old and new. Each one is hand cast using scagliola, a method of mixing cementitious plasters and pigments to create a marbleized surface. The centuries old technique was once considered a poor man’s alternative to the precious stone, yet over time, the technical artistry became valued by discerning collectors. The almost alchemic transformation of simple substances – water, glue, pigment and plaster — results in a striking surface, especially when applied to W1’s contemporary shapes. In that way, the juxtaposition suggests that true craftsmanship is ultimately timeless.