Pavè Stone collection by Kreoo turns 10 years old

The Pavè Stone collection by Kreoo has always been the iconic product of the brand, in its mission to give a leading role to natural stone in design: a decisive stylistic sign, by Enzo Berti, developed and enriched over the years with new shapes and material options, becoming the flag product of the company design identity. Today it celebrates 10 years of simplicity, harmony and functionality.

Thanks to the infinite possibilities of combination and use of living spaces (indoor and outdoor), the Pavè Stone system has been selected to identify prestigious projects around the world, from the Dropbox headquarters in San Francisco to the Art Residence in Moscow, until the prestigious private residences of Cornaro Villa in Italy, luxury terrace apartments in Mumbai and private winter garden in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, just to name a few.

The Pavè collection by Kreoo is inspired by the effect of natural river water gliding over the stones of the river bed: water flows, smoothes and polishes, forming nature’s great artwork.
In Pavè system the volumes evoke the shapes of river pebbles, exploring the expressive potential of natural elements such as marble, wood and cork in their most natural meaning, both from the aesthetic than functional point of view.