Banco: new kitchen table with Neolith surface

La Agencia, a design agency specialising in equipment and furniture systems, has specified Neolith® by TheSize for its award-winning “Banco” kitchen table. Having received the prestigious Platinum A' Design Award in the ‘Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design’ category, the fully-customisable table features various worktops to suit customer’s needs.

The Banco project redefines the kitchen table, transforming it into a tool. It can best be described as a free-standing, fully functional furniture system, combining a kitchen table with worktops, and including a hob and sink. To meet the aesthetic and durability requirements for this integrated furniture system, Neolith® Calacatta was selected for the worktops, offering appealing design, impermeability and high resistance to scratches, stains and high temperatures. 

The designers Sebastian Rial and Federico Senociaín wanted to design a kitchen table that transforms the ritual of cooking into an experience that engages all senses. Senociaín explains: “Banco was created to be the kitchen centrepiece, providing a place to meet and engage. The idea was to craft a piece of furniture that blurs the lines between kitchen and a table; where does one end and the other one start?”

La Agencia selected Neolith Calacatta worktops, as well as oak, for the tabletops which are supported by a galvanized steel trestle, providing contrast and functionality. Developed as a system, the table is adjustable in length and height, and can be easily assembled. 

Neolith Calacatta, used for the Banco project, has also recently been awarded the A 'Design Award - Bronze Award in the ‘Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures and Systems Design’ category. Mar Esteve Cortés, Marketing Director, TheSize, adds: “Known for its tough rating system, The A ‘Design Award is an important recognition in the world of design. Neolith Calacatta has won an award in two categories, as a standalone product, and as part of the amazing Banco project. This shows the quality and appeal of the Sintered Compact Surface.