Team7: a renewed furniture for kitchen and living area

A new complete furniture for living area, from kitchen to dining room. This is the proposal that TEAM7 – the Austrian company specialized in natural solid wood furniture - will present during the Eurocucina 2016 (the International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition). Two newcomers: a renewed version of the Linee kitchen designed by Sebastian Desch, and a duo dedicated to living room interior design signed by Jacob Strobel, including the table Tak and the chair Lui

For the first time, the Linee kitchen appears in a “total glass” style, albeit maintaining the same soul in natural solid wood, available with fronts and side panels in a color of choice, according to NCS color system. Another innovation is represented by practical design elements that, borrowed from the living area furnishings, offer additional customization choices to the kitchen, as stylish alternating play between open and closed spaces and transparencies.

Reduction to the essential and union between wood and metal are the elements that characterize the living area table, Tak, designed by Jacob Strobel. The wooden top, generally just 16 mm, is built on three different widths (90 cm, 100 cm or 110 cm), whose downward rounded corners make the surface even lighter, surrounded all around the perimeter by a shiny metallic outline. Moreover, in the extendible version, the slender shape of the table Tak does not allow to be half-seen anything of the extracting mechanism: the designer has created the space for a new organization of the functional elements, by merging in a single piece the frame and the triangular section legs that are tapered downward.

The table Tak is matched with the new chair Lui, made up of a play of lines represented by the geometric shapes of the natural wood frame contrasting with the lightness of the body filled with ergonomic foam and covered in leather or soft Softstrick. A special effect is also given by legs slightly oriented backward, united in a cross under the body. The visible wooden joints are the sign of the handmade production that characterizes the brand product.