A "Cluster" Effect by Ceramiche Piemme

With the porcelain stoneware tiles Cluster, Ceramiche Piemme offers a modern version of the traditional 1950s hexagonal surfaces for floors and walls. The individual elements material depth is characterized by a vintage effect and the hi-tech, while the “Cluster” arrangement recalls molecular structures.

The result is a succession of shades and material surfaces created by Synchro Digit Piemme technology. Designed and developed in collaboration with other partners in the Fiorano Modenese plant, this system synchronizes two processes: the structured surface of the tiles (veins in relief, marks and all the possible three-dimensional and tactile effects) and the digital graphic decoration (marble, stone, wood effect, etc.), generating a new material that is indistinguishable from the original.

Each hexagon becomes a vibrant cell with an unprecedented three-dimensionality, giving life to Clusters reverberating light throughout the environment. The large 60x119.5cm size can be used for different installation solutions.
Cluster tiles are available in three colors: Light, with lighter shades; Dark, with dark gray shades; Multicolor, enhancing the chromatic varieties of the natural quartzite that inspires the entire collection Evoluta.