Craft: Iosa Ghini signs the new line by Cisa Ceramiche

The collection “Craft”, the new entry designed by the famous architect Massimo Iosa Ghini for the range Cisa Ceramiche, starts from a new versions of gauzed fabric of which it emphasizes texture and transparency thanks to a clear chromatic contrast.

These porcelain stoneware tiles for floors and walls with a strong personality are designed for an audience interested in new interior design trends.

They are going forward with the project started the previous year, in which architecture interprets the relationship with ceramic material, starting from the primary elements of the built space, the point, the line and the surface: a wreath of little beans, pillars and connecting surface materials in which ceramic is the star.

The collection will be presented at Cersaie, in the exhibition space of Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti, designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini too.

The fluid and continuous modulation of the different tiles’ collections will be the leitmotif of the proposed distribution layout. The collections will be placed around green areas, exhibition walls, light pillars and filter media of yard nets, enabling visual and users’ permeability through the stand, with a direct reference to the world of design.

Finally, the perimeter ceramic slabs will seem to be suspended, ethereal, free from the concept of lining and in space, delimiting as well as inclusive, focal points for the visual and perceptual identity that distinguishes each brand of the Group.