Deco Acidificato: Isoplam transforms floors with the vintage effect

A surface with a lived-in look evoking the passing of time transforms floors into expressive decorative elements: Deco Acidificato by Isoplam is the creative cement that reproduces the peculiar shades of an aged concrete or the iridescent polish of vintage coatings.

The particular lived-in effect is given by the special water-based coloring acid and metal salts, sprayed on the existing concrete pavement: it penetrates into the material and the components react chemically with each other to change the color of the cementitious support but without altering its resistance. Once the acidifying treatment is completed, a vibrant, non-toxic and safe surface is obtained, while the final result consists of permanent and non-fading hues, variegations and shading.

Moreover, unlike resins or simply colored surfaces, this decorative solution remains unchanged over time, without discolorations or scratches. The great resistance to abrasion and wear make it particularly suitable for indoor or outdoor environments subject to heavy traffic: not only private homes but also shops, showrooms, offices, restaurants, public places, shopping centers and even exhibition centers and trade fair stands.