Flaviker revisits the stone of the French Alps

BLUE SAVOY is the FLAVIKER porcelain stoneware project inspired by the Blue de Savoy stone variety from the French Alps, characterized by the typical gray-blue color interrupted by elegant white veins.

The BLUE SAVOY collection, following an absolutely contemporary style, develops in a gray scale in 4 different shades and is complemented by 2 "textured" effect colors with high decorative potential. The wide choice of formats (from large slabs up to 10x60 strips) and thicknesses (6 mm, 9 mm and 20 mm) allows us to propose laying solutions suitable for multiple uses, from residential to commercial and public spaces, interiors and external.

Much of the range is made with the new P.Tech surface finish, soft to the touch, but with excellent anti-slip performance indoors. To this surface are added the coordinated items for outdoor, in the Grip R11 version, also suitable for the design of spas and wellness areas.