GIOPAGANI Wallpaper 2020: 6 new creations for the Wall&Decò collection

GIOPAGANI, the global design brand inspired by fashion, unveils in Paris the new GIOPAGANI 2020 wallpaper collection for Wall&Decò, mapping inspirations taken from arts and travel and transforming it into a true art form - 6 different designs that represent art in a replicable form revolving around an inexhaustible source of inspiration: travel.

The new collection of graphics by Gio Pagani lives of a bi-dimensional movement developed on a overtly 70s chromatic palette. The concept of temporariness and contemporaneity meet in a study of dynamic patterns capable of being at the same time subject and background of the space they clothe.

"This season sees artistic interpretation of home decoration using special elements like wallpaper to represent continuity, while the theme of innovation lies in transforming it into a creative installation: art becomes replicable and therefore timeless," said Maison GIOPAGANI. “The wallpaper becomes the purest expressive vehicle of the union between art and architecture, defining the will to make unique the spaces surrounding us and to customize our own everyday life.”

The wallpaper is not a background accessory anymore. It becomes a protagonist of our space turning the wall into a canvas, a picture, a comic strip, a tattoo, a story.