An LVT floor with vertical click hanging

Senso Clic Premium is the latest product of Gerflor LVT range for the residential sector. It has an important unique and patented innovation: the vertical click hanging. The vertical click hanging allows a quick installation and the maximum ease of replacement of the single blade. In case of damage of a stave in the center of the room, you can just replace it with a new one without having to lift the entire floor, as it happens with the classic horizontal interlocking hanging.

Senso Clic Premium is available in wood-blocks and planks 123.9x20.4, slats 100x17.6 cm and plates 69.6x36 cm with a thickness of only 4.5 mm. It also has many aesthetic proposals: woods, graphs or the stylish concrete effect.

The surface is opaque, textured and highly resistant. The product is 100% recyclable and does not emit harmful substances. You can easily clean it with a soft-bristled broom or the vacuum cleaner and non-abrasive neutral detergents. It can be installed in all environments, including kitchen and bathroom as it resists to moisture and is 100% waterproof.