Margraf focuses on 3D marble coverings

Margraf, based in Vicenza (North Italy), is pursuing its growth and development strategy with major investments, inaugurating Margraf Innovation Lab, the new Research & Development at the Chiampo Headquarters (VI).

Promoted by the President of Margraf Silvio Xompero, it is creative center for artists, designers and technicians, coordinated by Diego Crestani, Artistic Director of the Department. These professionals elaborate and interpret stone in an innovative way, for customers seeking not only the uniqueness of a natural material like marble but also the exclusivity of customization.

Fluctus Collection, a new collection of 3D coverings is the result of the stylistic and technological research by Margraf Innovation Lab, which has shaped the marble creating metamorphic suggestions that embellish a wall. The movement of sea waves and the effect they cause on the seabed inspired Fluctus Collection. Each texture is combined with a specific selection of materials: the outcome is a coating made up of standard modules (80x80 cm, thickness 2 cm), with three-dimensional, glossy and opaque finishes that create a pleasant visual effect with light, thus showing the authentic beauty of marble from a dynamic perspective.

Fluctus Collection is available in 4 different textures (each one is named after a sea: Mediterraneo, Egeo, Ionio e Tirreno) and in the following materials: Crema Nuova, Grigio Carnico and Fior di Pesco Carnico®. The latter is an exclusive material, as Margraf holds the only existing quarry in the world.