The "MILANO COLLECTION" by Instabilelab

The Venetian brand Instabilelab presents MILANO COLLECTION. Dedicated to the company's first participation in the Salone del Mobile, the new collection evokes the canons of haute couture with ten graphics with an unmistakable creative stamp, introducing a wallpaper, VELVET, and CARPETIA ROYAL tufted rugs.

"The name Milano Collection was chosen both to highlight the first participation of Instabilelab - says Stefano Munaretto, founder and Art Director of Instabilelab - and to give this collection a connotation of style and prestige, qualities that cannot fail to refer to Milan, capital of fashion and design. The ten graphics in the catalog have been specially designed to highlight the two new materials we bring to the fair: Velvet and Carpetia Royal. "

VELVET is a very refined wallpaper that recalls the textures and the soft tactile perceptions of velvet. The new Instabilelab proposal is a new precious support that stands out from the usual wallpapers, to enhance walls and environments giving an elegant appearance.

The CARPETIA ROYAL range, on the other hand, offers rugs with the highest quality and aesthetic appeal. Presented in two shapes (rectangular and round) and in different sizes, these furnishing accessories define the space as distinctive elements with a strong expressive power.