New furnishings and surfaces by Budri

Fragment is the latest collection of furnishings and surfaces designed for Budri in a spirit of sustainability by Gwenael Nicolas of Curiosity Tokyo. The name of the collection captures its essence, because it’s a collection conceived around the idea of reclaiming small off-cuts of varying lengths, widths and thickness from the process of machining marble and mosaic. Juxtaposed and fused with a special Budri-patented component that gives them extremely high strength, they form longitudinal and horizontal patterns in monochrome and multi-coloured hues.

The collection is an anthem to the “lightness” of marble based on the innovative BUDRI SLIM MARBLE™ technology   (“SLIM” is an acronym that stands for “SUSTAINABLE LIGHT INNOVATIVE MARBLE”). It can be used to create not only furnishings and complements, but also surfaces such as low-weight floor coverings, wall coverings and ceilings, thanks to another advanced technology known as the BUDRI SLIM SYSTEM™, designed primarily for contract and commercial applications.