A new "Materia" for Ceramiche Piemme


The Materia collection features a totally original effect, achieved by mixing the aesthetics of metal, corten steel, stone and ceramic. By combining the textural effects of different metals, both shiny and rusty, with the natural feel of stone and the versatility of ceramic, Piemme’s researchers have created a new material - Materia.

Thanks to sophisticated production technologies, the collection combines the ground effect typical of hand-polished metal with the small imperfections associated with hand-craftsmanship.
The collection comes in six colours, ranging from OPAL (white) to DEEP (anthracite), via NACRE light grey, SHIMMER turtledove, REFLEX dark grey and RUST.

There are five formats with two three-dimensional textures and two triple-fired accents.

Dove: Pad. 20 Stand C32-D31