Novacolor focuses on the cement effects

Being natural materials a main trend, Novacolor focuses on two concrete effects products of the line Concrete.

Archi+ Pietra is a wall covering made of powder-based hydraulic lime, to create a stone effect on interiors. The particular formulation allows the creation of fine decorative finishes on a full and compact stone effect, perfect for decorating a contemporary environment.
Archi+ Pietra Intonaco is a powder decorative finish based on hydraulic lime, coarse-grained for interiors. Enhanced by the contrast between lime and metal and characterized by the possibility of being applied with one coat, this coating is suitable for rustic and cozy spaces.

The line Archi+ is part of the range Minerals by Novacolor, characterized by the use of natural components with low emissions of volatile pollutants. Novacolor focuses on sustainability and innovation: it has made significant progress since the beginning, by eliminating toxic substances and solvent emissions from its products. In addition, for years it has redefined the production chain with a new approach, based on the concept of “Biomass Balance”, by replacing fossil raw materials with biomass from agricultural waste.
For its decorative effect paints, Novacolor is the first company in Italy to obtain the REDcert2 certification, which is bestowed on companies investing significantly in sustainable raw materials.