"Preziosi" marble effects by RAK Ceramics

The evolution of surfaces constantly accompanies the development of spaces, with proposals that, thanks to new technologies, offer increasingly impactful visual and sensory features. Today, surfaces are perceived as integral and essential parts of an ensemble in which furniture was once at the centre of the scene, while now it seamlessly blends with the surrounding ceramic elements which constitute true design statements.

RAK Ceramics was among the first companies to believe in the new needs and requirements related to the world of modern architecture and interior design, and has consistently invested in technological innovation for the production of large-format slabs.

While initially considered a niche product and considered suitable only for large spaces, particularly in the contract sector, it is now evident that large-format slabs can also function well in small environments too.
The minimised number of joints between the tiles offer a new way of enhancing the available space by creating elegant visual effects thanks to surface continuity, making spaces more spacious, homogeneous and impactful.

"Preziosi" marble effect collection

A wide and varied range of collections are inspired by the elegance of marble to offer hundreds of solutions for residential areas, the hospitality industry and the workplace. Marble and granite patterns are reinterpreted in a “fashion style”, to reveal elegant and refined veinings, ideal for renovating walls, floors, false ceilings and furniture. The Maximus marble effect collections are the height of luxury and refinement. Also available in the trendsetting open-book effect and in a vast range of formats, thicknesses and design solutions. The serie is presented in large sizes 120x120 cm 120x260 cm.

*Technical details

Porcelain tiles are manufactured using pure, selectively imported raw materials mixed using the most advanced extraction and sorting techniques; they are obtained with a production process similar to that of single-fired tiles.
The resulting product is top-quality porcelain tile, obtained by raw materials wet grinding, followed by partial drying by spraying, silo storage to allow homogenization of properties, and pressing with highly efficient hydraulic presses up to specific pressures more than 500 kg/cm2.

The high pressure combined with high firing temperature exceeding 1200 °C results in highly compact & strong ceramic surface with very low water absorption (lower than 0.4% according to UNI EN ISO 10545-3) and extremely high mechanical resistance (average value exceeding 40 N/mm2 according to UNI EN ISO 10545-4).

Thanks to their low porosity, these porcelain tiles are frost-proof and rated as belonging to the BIa GL class according to the International Standard ISO 13006 and European Standard UNI EN 14411 which requires water absorption ≤ 0.5%. The MoR (modulus of rupture) in accordance with UNI EN ISO 10545-4 results to 40 N/mm2 while the required value is 35 N/mm2. RAK Ceramics porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of designs, sizes and finishes.