Royal Stone: among marble, stone and large formats

Porcelaingres is expanding the Royal Stone collection with new formats and thicknesses that broaden the range of applications, both indoors and outdoors. The collection joins two materials of enduring appeal: stone and marble. The resulting texture combines the heft of stone with the elegant beauty of marble, perfect for covering floors and walls with a minimalist yet bold look .

The introduction of traditional 8 mm formats alongside the original 100x100x0.6 format completes the Royal family, expanding the range of applications requiring focus on material strength without neglecting aesthetic features. An aesthetic continuity that enables combining the lightness and versatility of 6 mm with the extreme hold of 8 mm .

The Royal range would not be complete without developments in outdoor materials : not just with the addition of the 2 cm thickness to the signature sizes and colours, but also with the application of anti-slip technology to the thinner slabs, developing high adherence and making them usable both in indoor and outdoor environments that require a certain degree of safety.

The five colours available – Black Diamond, Imperial Brown, Palladium Grey, Noble Beige and Platinum White – are suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications and can be added to various types of projects, including contract, thanks to the many formats available.

This flexibility of use is complemented by a series of technical features such as resistance to impact and scratches, weathering and UV rays, durability, cleanliness. This enables applying Porcelaingres products in the broadest variety of settings, from residential to hospitality, from catering to wellness centres.

The Royal family is growing further with the introduction of large formats - 300x150 cm - and is now Great Royal Stone. The collection maintains the same texture, now expanded and enhanced by material continuity and the thin thickness of a mere 6 mm.