Spring Summer 2021: the new products by Gruppo Romani

This spring, Gruppo Romani proposes several original projects that join and expand the catalogs of the brands Serenissima, Cir Ceramiche and Cercom. These ceramic solutions meet contemporary design needs thanks to their exceptional attention to color, the exclusivity of the decorative proposals and the excellent technical performance.

Gruppo Romani branded and transversal to the proposals of all brands, Chromagic is the great novelty of the season. Porcelain stoneware is combined with wallpaper colors and charme, declining an elegant palette of 10 intense colors with tone-on-tone and contrasting decorative subjects. The surface material is characterized by a hand-spatula micro-concrete effect. Chromagic is a creative container of graphic textures and solid colors to cover vertical and horizontal interior surfaces, creating exclusive custom-made furnishing accessories. A project open to stylistic contamination to invent new spaces.

Showall expands to meet customizing needs too. Previewed at Cersaie 2019, Showall marked the entry of Gruppo Romani into the world of ceramic wallpapers. The collection has now 22 subjects, 6 of which are new: its success lies in the originality of the graphics, third-firing decorations, the versatility for different areas of use and the ease of installation of the 60x120 cm format. In the series catalogs of the new Travertini Due by Serenissima and Fuoritono by Cir Ceramiche, you can find the stylistic proposals of Showall, aimed at enhancing the architectural and furnishing characteristics of different environments.

Travertini Due is the new series designed by Serenissima as a tribute to one of the most elegant classic material. Porcelain stoneware gives a different and modern interpretation of marble in which veined colors and textures become icons of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The two finishes of the range (natural and lux) are for the composition of warm and welcoming environments and the complete use of the decorative and aesthetic value of ceramic travertine.

Cir Ceramiche, the brand Group in which creativity is a distinguishing feature, started the year 2021 by presenting Fuoritono, a collection of elegant and unusual surfaces in a range of trendy formats. Glossy and opaque glazes, besides a color palette characterized by strong shading, are accompanied by a soft structure, slightly in relief, which gives the ceramic an almost liquid preciousness.

In Falda also enriches Cir Ceramiche range: it is inspired by travertine marble with a clouded texture obtained from cut blocks. A traditional chromatic selection is contaminated by a new blue, in small and modular formats, to be combined with brightly colored decorations. In Falda is also the surface dedicated to the launch of Design Italiano, a project by Ovre.Design for Gruppo Romani that is inspired by the iconic objects of Made in Italy history. A minimalist dialogue between shapes and colors, surfaces and materials, resembling the creations of the great masters of design.

Finally, Cercom expands the range of technical surfaces dedicated to great architecture with Infinity. It is inspired by concrete and its multifaceted personality, being the structural material par excellence but also an expressive surface, used in art and design. Infinity porcelain stoneware is in five neutral colors and four finishes to create indoor or outdoor residential, commercial and public spaces.