From stone to the new effect "Ceppo di Gré"

The ceramic brand Marazzi reinterprets the elegance of the decorative sedimentary rock of Lombard architecture with a new stoneware collection, which faithfully recreates the typical presence of “pebbles” on the surface.

MyStoneCeppo di Gré is available in four shades, two cold ones (very close to the color of the stone by which it is inspired) and 2 warm ones representing a new interpretation.

A hexagonal 3D mosaic made up of 3 “rhomboidal” pieces lends a decorative style to the collection, amplifying its design possibilities.

The collection is designed for both floors and walls of interiors and exteriors: solutions that are visually continued can be created, as well as ventilated facades and raised floors, for public, commercial and residential spaces. Finally, the 20 mm thickness makes MyStone Ceppo di Gré suitable for dry laying on gravel, grass, sand; it can be used for floorings accessible to vehicles too.

*Info tecniche

4 colori: anthracite, grey, beige, greige

3 formati rettificati: 75x150 cm, 75x75 cm, 60x60 cm

formato 80x80 cm 20 mm di spessore

decori e mosaici

mosaico 3D esagonale 29x33,5 cm disponibile in tutte le colorazioni