Superfici Venice Collection by Materica: an alchemical vision of boiserie

The Materica brand from Venice, specializing in luxury metallic surfaces, introduces its inaugural collection of boiserie - a blend of art, craftsmanship, and technology showcased at the Design Variations by Mosca & Partners.

Fluid as water, architectonic, quivering, organic, and iridescent.

Precious surfaces akin to art pieces that envelop spaces, conjuring up ever-varied worlds. This is the Superfici Venice Collection by Materica, a company specializing in thread metallic finishing of surfaces, unveiling at Milan Design Week 2024 its first and groundbreaking collection of boiserie. Steering the creative direction for the Superfici Venice Collection are Tiziano Guardini and Luigi Ciuffreda.

The Superfici Venice Collection is further enriched by designers with strong individual styles and diverse artistic visions who have crafted five signature collections, each a unique interpretation born from the alchemical expertise of Materica. Contributors include Matteo Cibic, Serena Confalonieri, DRAW Studio, Antonio Pio Saracino, and Storage Milano.

Creative crossovers, timeless aesthetics

Each boiserie originates from a creative crossover of different processes and techniques. Metallization, achieved by high-speed melting and micronization of pure metals—from brass to bronze, copper to nickel-silver, aluminum to zinc—merges with oxidation, laser etching, resin coating, and natural pigmentation. Layers of materials and multiple processes reveal unexpected aesthetic effects.

Among the various and evocative offerings developed under the creative direction of Tiziano Guardini and Luigi Ciuffreda by the Materica research lab, the Bucintoro boiserie, with its botanical inspiration, encases the space in a golden Eden of macro leaves with textured veins. A shift in processes and atmosphere is presented with the Levantine boiserie, created by metallizing precious Venetian fabrics assembled into a three-dimensional mosaic, a dynamic architectural volume within the architecture itself.

Liquid boiserie, precious worlds

Venice, the cradle of culture and beauty bridging tradition and contemporaneity, serves as the cultural and artistic humus inspiring Materica. The lagoon and the blurred landscapes of the city on the water return in the Lagunare and Belle Nuit boiseries, where metallization along with delicate laser etchings trace graphic patterns evoking a liquid world. Thin and nearly imperceptible, the contrasts between the glossy and matte finishes of the laser-etched brass imbue the Caigo boiserie with a floating vibration. Precious as a jewel, it wraps spaces in its intangible lightness.

A debut in product design, a new identity

For Materica, an established partner of luxury and architectural realities for the creation of original and precious metalized surfaces, the Superfici Venice Collection marks its debut in design with its own collection, an evolution of identity according to values that have belonged to the company since the beginning. From a deep connection with the territory to craftsmanship that blends harmoniously with industrial production to transforming surfaces, generating emotions, and adding personality to a space. This is how the collection, a modular paneling system designed to dress every type of residential and contract interior, took shape. Unique pieces for visual impact and vibrations for the senses.