The wallpaper Impresso: innovation and customized prints

The wallpaper Impresso: innovation and customized prints

As a spin-off of Dardanelli Srl - a company founded in the 80s and active in digital printing on large format, both flexible and rigid - the new entry Impresso arrives on the market with its high expertize in wallpapers for interior design.

The latest collections of coatings, Qnew, Afrika and Paper, show the potential of Impresso, as proposals with a high artistic value, suitable to personalize walls or smalls parts with a stylistic mark. Qnew is a series of papers dealing with the artistic reworked version of the square format, with patterns inspired by cement tiles, 70s motifs and wood effects. Afrika evokes the iconic colors and prints of the original territory. Paper reinterprets the typical graphic signs of paper material.  

The wallpapers Impresso are all based on TNT, printed with the HP technology that uses eco-friendly inks (certified 'Green Guard Gold') and made with innovative tools. These features ensure high performances and a perfect installation of the material.

The customization offered to designers and final customers is certainly the strong point of the company: Impresso can in fact print on request graphics and photographs on 5 different types of wallpaper, guaranteeing technical support for the optimization of the large format image.

This efficient and competitive “tailor-made” service can expand the possibilities of application of the wallpaper to obtain unique environments that follow the current furnishing trends.

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