Ceramica & Creatività : a project by Casalgrande Padana in collaboration with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts

Casalgrande Padana, in collaboration with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, presents “Ceramica & Creatività”, a project promoting the value of porcelain stoneware. The project is coordinated by architect Roberto Semprini, lecturer and director of the Product Design course at the Academy’s Artistic Design for Business course.

The project kicked off in November with a workshop whose introductory session focused on presenting the Casalgrande-based company and the distinctive features of porcelain stoneware. Students then used this knowledge to create their projects, mainly inspired by the works of visual artists and the décors of Roman floors. In particular, they analysed the composition, focusing on aspects like three-dimensionality, fluidity, and overlapping lines, and applied their interpretation to the tiles.

Casalgrande Padana participated in this workshop, offering online revisions and confirming the company’s focus on environmental and creative innovation.


By the end of the workshop, students had developed innovative concepts of two-dimensional and relief décors and bathroom accessories with outstanding character. The aim was to turn these concepts into products without compromising their creativity.

The top projects were presented during the Fuorisalone 2024 at the Casalgrande Padana Showroom in Milan, located in the renowned Brera district. If these projects pass the further examination conducted by the technical office, the most promising ones could be put into production.