FILA for the care of the floors of the "Best Pavilion" at Expo Dubai

A parallelepiped well anchored to the ground but looking towards the future. The Saudi pavilion designed by Boris Micka Associates was elected Best Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020. It stood out for its ability to combine architecture and digital technology. Its simple but impressive shape describes and tells the desire and aspirations of a country that aims to grow and open up to the world, with the bold ambition to transform it for the better. This kind of account also found space inside, in the immersive projections that accompanied visitors on a journey through time and the culture of the country.

The project involved the participation of FILA Middle East branch - in collaboration with the partner Stone Company Sital Marble - in charge of the care and cleaning of the outdoor area and the entrance space. Highly trafficked granite surfaces were the objects of the project: the solutions provided by the company from San Martino di Lupari have always kept them spotless, despite an influx of over three million visitors.

In detail, the external area was treated with the Deterdek Pro detergent, perfect for deep cleaning and the effective elimination of any type of stain. This product deeply cleanses without attacking the surface and respects the most diverse materials, the environment and people, thanks to its formula based on buffered acid that does not develop harmful fumes.

The high viscosity liquid detergent CR10 was used in the external welcome area to eliminate some epoxy residues. Based on biodegradable ingredients, it made it possible to eliminate even the most resistant residues, besides respecting the material and guaranteeing great ease of application.

Subsequently, the surfaces were treated with MP90 Eco Xtreme, a water-oil repellent protective with a natural effect that protects materials from the aggression of stains, without altering their aesthetic appearance. Water-based, it waterproofs, protects, simplifies cleaning and contributes to LEED credits: it is characterized by very low VOC emissions and the total absence of hydrocarbon solvents.

These are all therefore effective and environmentally friendly solutions, in compliance with the principles on which the building was designed. The pavilion has in fact received the LEED Platinum certification - the highest internationally recognized sustainability rating - ranking among the most sustainable buildings in the world.

FILA's participation in the project is part of the company's innovative and sustainable growth process, with its core in the research and distribution of products of natural origin obtained from renewable raw materials.