The German Design Award rewards Lapitec’s sintered stone

The full body sintered stone of Lapitec® has been awarded in the 2018 edition of the German Design Award, in the category Kitchen Countertops:  the jury selected the six guilloche-patterns in the three finishes Lux, Satin and Lithos, presented by the company as examples of Execellent Product Design.

The German Design Award is one of the most renowned international awards: it selects the product design excellences since 2012. The event has steadily grown since its first year, gaining increasingly attention from both professionals and public. The German Design Council, which organizes the event, involves in fact products and companies with a high design quality. The figures perfectly describe the development and success of the prize: in 2017, 5000 projects were presented (1500 in the first year), the 49% in the category Excellent Product Design and the 51% in that of Excellent Communications Design.

«We are proud of this awardMichele Ballarin, Lapitec Sales and Marketing Director, comments - being of utmost prestige and recognizing the good job in the research. The synthesis of technical quality and attention to aesthetic details is one of our trademark: it is gaining great success in the market and is welcomed by architects and designers who appreciate the quality of sintered stone».

The gained recognition is the symbol of the growing appreciation for Lapitec® by the market. The category in which it stood out (kitchen countertops) is one of the many areas of application of the full body sintered stone, which has been already chosen by major brands such as Pedini Cucine, who uses this material for kitchen countertops and backs of the project Art & Craft, with the finishes Lux, Satin and Vesuvio. On the other hand, Valcucine worked with Lapitec® to develop Carbontec by Lapitec®, an exclusive collection with a micro carbon mat to achieve a reduced thickness for kitchen countertops and slimmer profiles. There are also Maestri Cucine, Minotticucine, Scavolini, Effeti, PoggenPohl.

2017 proves to be a significant year for the company, signing the strengthening of strategic partnerships, including those with Arredo3, Arrital, Lube and Brummel.