I Love XXL: the winner of contest on big size ceramic tile decoration

The decoration of large format has been the theme of the contest "I Love XXL - How to decorate large surfaces", conceived and promoted by the Quartarella Building Centre in collaboration with Ornamenta, brand of Gamma Due Group, specialized in industrial ceramics decoration. The award ceremony was held last June 15 in the presence of David Tonelli for Ornamenta, the architect Enzo Calabrese as jury President and Catia Quartarella.

The challenge, involving students, architects and designers of Puglia and Basilicata, from the University of Architecture, Design, Schools or Institutes of Design and Fine Arts Academy, focused on the large dimension ceramic lines. The contest was conceived to enhance the creativity of the designers, offering them the opportunity to approach the world of ceramic production and design.

“Designing a surface – Calabrese claims - is not an easy task, it takes great sensitivity. The floor, be it made of any material, is responsible to be the place where the most important aspects of the architectural space, be it domestic or public, converge. Chosen after several comparisons, the project has its simplicity (that is not triviality) that makes it valuable. It uses the design and its theme, as a sea bottom weft.

Considered these conditions, the project “Oplus - new forms of positivism” designed by the architect Alessio Zanzarella is the winner of the contest. According to the jury, “The project Oplus+ subverts the ceramic mental frames making protagonist the “+” sign, that is an explicit reference to the spacers used for the installation, as an ORNAMENTAl motif inspiring a pattern designed for contemporary interiors. The innovative matrix can leverage the most modern digital ceramic printing technologies to create bondless surfaces in the space”.

The project will be examined by the technical Ornamenta team for the potential production and commercialization of the ceramic line.