An "iceberg" to the heart of the 2023 Dubai Design Week

In collaboration with the design studio Tellurico, The Good Plastic Company created a large installation titled An Iceberg in the Desert, an oxymoron with a focus on the future of humankind and the environment.

The Good Plastic Company is an international company specialised in the production of innovative 100% recycled and fully recyclable surface materials from a vast range of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste sources. In collaboration with the design studio Tellurico, The Good Plastic Company created a large installation titled An Iceberg in the Desert, an oxymoron with a focus on the future of humankind and the environment. On display at this year's Dubai Design Week, the company's new installation is rooted in the awareness of climate change and its unescapable influence on our lives.

In the past two decades our planet has lost about 267 gigatonnes of ice mass each year, making the sea level rise by 21%. This is disturbing the planet's equilibrium as we know it, resulting in more violent storms, erratic weather patterns and the loss of natural habitats for certain groups of animals.

Such damage is mainly caused by human-induced pollution. With help from Tellurico, The Good Plastic Company is raising consciousness on the issue by staging An Iceberg in the Desert, a thought-provoking installation to improve our influence on the planet by means of lifestyle decisions, and to divulge alternative solutions for the reuse of plastic. Now that the earth is steadily heating up, the "iceberg" will offer the public some respite and a place to meet.

Crafted from 500 kilos of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste, the iceberg sculpture is composed of panels of Polygood®, a surface material produced by The Good Plastic Company since 2018 in a wide range of decorative patterns and finishes. For the Design Week installation, the company has chosen the Maldives pattern, whose translucent blue base is reminiscent of crystalline water. Thanks to this material and the shapes designed by Tellurico, the result looks like a real iceberg.

Regenerated material is the new modus operandi

The recycled Polygood® panels are featured in the travelling exhibition “Nothing Happens If Nothing Happens" curated by Isola inside the Dubai Design District. The layout of the space has been designed by the Eindhoven-based design studio Tellurico who has collaborated with The Good Plastic Company to create the Polygood® Design Bar, low tables, seating elements as well as display pedestals. The extraordinary plastic panels were chosen for their aesthetics, hygiene and full recyclability.

The mission at The Good Plastic Company is to demonstrate plastic's great potential to become part of a circular economy by recycling it. Polygood® panels are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, allowing for the creation of constantly new installations without throwing away any of the used materials. It introduces designers to different approaches toward regenerated materials, showing them the multiple possibilities of this material and demonstrating that it is possible to activate concrete change toward sustainability in their profession.

The company launches its brand and products for the first time in the Middle East through a strategic partnership with the renowned Dubai-based conglomerate Danube Group (UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait).

With this collaboration, The Good Plastic Company and Danube Group not only share the same values for a more sustainable future but promote the new debate towards environmental protection, the circular economy and intelligent waste management, confirming the importance of acting now. “We are excited to pioneer this transformation in the Middle East and express our sincere gratitude to the visionary leaders of Dubai for their unwavering commitment to sustainability," commented Dr William Chizhovsky, CEO of The Good Plastic Company.

The launch event for this partnership will take place on November 9th at the Colab Materials Library in Dubai, during Dubai Design Week. The event will be an opportunity for visitors to engage with Polygood® and experience the innovative possibilities it offers.

Ph. Ivan Erofeev

Polygood® by The Good Plastic company will be showcased at:

NOTHING HAPPENS IF NOTHING HAPPENS exhibition curated by Isola
Dubai Design District (Building 6, Unit R02)
7—12 November 2023, h 11am — 7pm

An Iceberg in the Desert installation designed by Tellurico Design Studio will be showcased in the public space facing the exhibition entrance.