LaTigre signs "Scenario", the visual communication project by FENIX NTM

FENIX NTM goes on with the project interpreting the innovative nanotech material for the interior design, which this year involves the collaboration of the creative duo  La Tigre, Luisa Milani and Walter Molteni.

Now at its second edition, Scenario is based on an innovative styling incorporating design and materials, all filtered through the eyes of artists and emerging talent of the sector, able to capture the different scopes of FENIX NTM, enhancing its aesthetic value and its technical features. For this occasion, La Tigre has designed and created a series of evocative sets where surfaces and back panels dominate the scene in FENIX NTM by interacting with simple and recognizable objects, according to a logic of matchings and contrasts with the colors of the material.

"FENIX NTM materializes creating three-dimensional (almost architectural) settings, where the objects, playing with spaces, lose their real dimension. The ultra-minimal sets echo the real world and the different uses of the material, creating symbolic and unusual scenes in which the surface remains the true protagonist", the designers explain.

The project illustrates FENIX NTM areas of installation by means of six shots, taken by the photographer Matteo Cremonini: Office, Retail, Restaurant, Design Furniture, Hospitality, Health Care.