Made in Italy materials for the Empire Tower Project in Iraq

The exterior and interior of the two towers of the Empire Tower Project in Iraq – the two tallest buildings in Suleymaniyah, the capital city of the homonymous governorate – will be coated with an Italian product. Boero, the Genoese company in building and yachting coatings sector, supplies it; this is its second job order in Sulaymaniyah, after the high-end residential complex “German Village”.

Each tower consists of 35 floors and each floor has 6 apartments: 3 of 135 square meters, 3 of 145 square meters. Overall, about 200,000 interiors square meters and 50,000 outdoor square meters are going to be painted. For the interior areas, the selected product is KOALA, a highly washable velvety finish with high coverage; while for the external parts, a quartz anti-algae coating will be used.

This important project will be completed in 2019, after about 18 months of work. It involved Boero thanks to the agreement with the company Pianeta Italia (one of the main operators in the trade of construction material in Iraq) for the distribution of the brand in the territory, as the single player in the sector in Europe.

Thanks to this partnership, the Italian company can also promote a school at the Herbil Showroom, where a training program has been set up, aimed at both local technicians and applicators and the staff of the shops dealing with paints. The classes mainly concern the creation of exteriors and contract areas; they are managed directly by the Italian brand.

The training - whose first session had been already organized in March - focused on the recovery of buildings and ancient houses, as well as on the use of new outdoor products on new buildings, in order to ensure a longer product life in these harsh environmental conditions.

This order is a step forward towards the increase of the exports: the Group expects to double the share of exports in the next 5 years, with its ambitious development strategies.