At Marmomacc 2016, three exhibitions dedicated to lithic design

Back again this year the exhibition dedicated to marble, that is also the satellite exhibition of Marmomacc scheduled in Verona from September 28 to October 1, 2016, “The Italian Stone Theatre”: an entire pavilion showcasing made in Italy technologies and lithic trials. The exhibition will include cultural projects and initiatives carried out by companies of the sector in collaboration with famous international designers.

There will be three special exhibitions during this occasion. The first, The Power of Stone, curated by Raffaello Galiotto, will explore the hidden qualities of the materials revealing the most surprising and fascinating aspects, by the use of sophisticated production equipment and appropriate formal processing.

The second, New Marble Generation, will involve several designers challenging themselves with stone materials in different areas of design.

Finally, 50 Years of Living Marble, the third planned exhibition, curated by Vincenzo Pavan, wants to be a tribute to the best Italian lithic design production of the last 50 years. A historical-anthological path, consisting of iconic marble objects coming from the historical archives of the sector's companies, which will allow a comparison with the “handmade generation”, starting from the semi-manual processing of the '60s up to the era of the “computer stonemason” and the current mass production.