Milan's Castello Sforzesco hosts Water Design

From 2 to 11 October, the Castello Sforzesco in Milan will be steeped in the atmosphere of the fifth edition of Water Design, the annual event that celebrates water-related design. 

Having relocated from Bologna for  Expo 2015, the event will use the Cortile della Rocchetta and Corte Ducale as an evocative backdrop for its installations, which draw inspiration from two themes:  water as an asset to be protected against waste for more conscious and sustainable use, and water as a source of well-being for mind and body

The beautiful Corte Ducale will play host to the installation by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, while the Cortile della Rocchetta will be dedicated entirely to the theme of dwelling and everyday life, underlining the importance of water as a source of life and a resource to be safeguarded. Here, three different dwelling scenarios, created by  Piero LissoniFerruccio Laviani and Patricia Urquiola, will raise public awareness by showing how we can avoid wasting water on a daily basis, by thinking, designing and building differently. The three installations will be linked by the common thread of a large garden capable of regenerating waste water, designed by the garden designer Stefano Baccari.