Monocabin by Mandalaki

The family of prefabricated tiny houses - that brings democratic luxury and Made in Italy design around the world - grows.

Monocabin by Mandalaki is growing, and the new constructions in Padua and Rhodes reflect the intention to bring the concept of democratic luxury and sustainable Made in Italy design around the world.

Promoting the concept of democratic luxury, these affordable and eco-friendly small houses are ready to be lived in within just three months. Safe and durable, they are guaranteed for 30 years. By combining functional, technical, and aesthetic research, the Monocabin project is the result of a dialogue among the different voices and skills of the Mandalaki team, in a continuous search for essentiality and functionality. This project embodies the symbolic representation of the collective imagination of the design studio: living in harmony with oneself and with nature.

Monocabin protects and enhances the environment through the choice of sustainable materials and construction processes, giving life to a "smart" home. From walls made of a hemp and lime bio-blend to customizable finishes and recyclable accessories, from LED lights to solar panels - which can make the home self-sufficient energetically: every design detail has been thought of with sustainability in mind and studied to combine maximum energy efficiency with an elegant and minimalist aesthetic. The large windows that interrupt the structure make the interior of the home bright while maintaining privacy and allowing for complete immersion in the surrounding environment.

In a constant focus on sustainability by Mandalaki - and with a view to miniaturization - the Monocabin modules have also been designed to reduce bulk during the transport process, thus reducing the impact of CO2 on the environment.

The houses sold are already custom-furnished and accessorized in every detail, and for some types, collaborations have been initiated. For the bed, Cocomat mattresses made from regenerated algae have been chosen, the kitchen is a custom version by Valcucine, and Abet laminates have been involved in some coverings. The Halo Edition by Mandalaki illuminates the indoor and outdoor spaces, complemented by Zieta furnishings and high-quality artisanal furniture by Daniele Bolgan.

Exploiting all its potential, Monocabin is ready to bring its micro-houses and their entirely Made in Italy design around the world, adapting to every context. In the Greek island of Rhodes, which already hosts the first prototype of this ambitious project, a new construction in the larger size (L) arrives. A standard model in the smaller size (M) is instead builded in Padua. Realized following the same characteristics of Monocabin modules, the new XL5 model - born from the combination of two L and one M model - is currently under construction in the Californian desert. A large residence that aims to be 100% self-sufficient.

Monocabin by Mandalaki is expanding: the eco-friendly and functional micro-houses Made in Italy are coming to Padua, in the smaller version (M - 27 square meters), and returning to Rhodes, in a larger version (L - 49 square meters). The new XL5 model (93 square meters) is currently under construction in the Californian desert, in Joshua Tree, and will be ready at the beginning of 2024. The brand intercepts the trend of importing tiny houses from the United States - small prefabricated houses with limited costs and buildable anywhere but with a luxury perspective: the micro-houses designed by Mandalaki are conceived as true design objects, smart, sustainable, and made with high-quality materials, furnished and complete with everything needed to live. Buyer only needs to have a plot of land and, after inspections and checks, it will be possible to adapt the available models and build the furnished and equipped turnkey houses, in less than three months.