Tecnografica decorates the new "Gal Hassin" Astronomical Centre

Tecnografica has supplied the interior and exterior decorations for the “Gal Hassin” Astronomical Centre in Isnello, in the Madonie natural park in Sicily, which was officially opened on 11 September.

The operation required a series of very specific artistic interventions and customised designs, including large-format decorative panels patented by the renowned Castellarano-based ceramic design firm.

The opening ceremony was attended by around 2,000 people along with a large delegation of international scientists including Nicolò D’Amico, chairman of Italy’s National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), Roberto Battiston, chairman of the Italian Space Agency, sundial maker Giovanni Paltrinieri, and Mario Di Martino from the INAF Astronomical Observatory in Turin, as well as local politicians and mayors.

The “Gal Hassin” Astronomical Centre, which will be run by the Italian Space Agency, combines a research station (located at the highest astronomical observation site in Italy) and a new planetarium open to the public and schools. It will offer non-experts a full immersion in the world of astronomy.