The Venini's heritage at "Le Stanze del Vetro"

Venini is back in Venice with the exhibition "Vittorio Zecchin: the transparent glasses for Cappellin and Veninito tell the work of the artist from Murano: from 1921 to 1925, he was the artistic director of glasshouse called Cappellin Venini & C.

From September 11 to January 7, 2018, the retrospective starts in conjunction with the first edition of The Venice Glass Week - the international festival dedicated to glassmaking, with particular attention to Murano glasses - in the rooms of the Le Stanze del Vetro, the permanent exhibition area set up in the ex-Convitto (a former boarding school) on the island of San Giorgio, with the aim of bringing back the attention on glass art.

The creativity of Venini kilns and the contribution to the definition of the typical artistic language of the Laguna led the company to be recognized as one of Made in Italy icon around the world.

A selection of the most representative masterpieces by Venini, designed by Vittorio Zecchin, will be exhibited: the vase Veronese, inspired by the one painted by Paolo Veronese in his Annunciation, which is still among the best-selling pieces of the company; the vase Libellula with the with its wide and light blown glass handles; the sinuous shapes of an amphora and the essentials ones of a carafe or those that remind the bell of a trumpet, selected by the curator of the exhibition, Marino Barovier.

Venini has recently joined Damiani, a leader in Made in Italy luxury known for its high-end jewellery, thus gaining a new vitality. Recognizing the values of the ancient glass art and the importance of protecting the manufacturing heritage of the kilns, the Damiani family has acquired Venini to enhance and focus on one of the most authentic excellence in Italy.

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