A Vertical Wood (Bosco Verticale) lands on Mars: SBA China at SUSAS 2017

A Vertical Wood (Bosco Verticale) on Mars: this is one of the scenarios developed by SBA China along with the Future City Lab of Tongji University to imagine Shanghai in 2117. If the climatic situation will not drastically change, the city will be mostly drowned by water.

This concept resulted in the project (now in the form of a vision) of a Shanghai colony on the Red Planet, realized with the support of the Chinese Space Agency. A “New Shanghai” that could regenerate by rooting real ecosystems (which would travel through an interplanetary space station) on Mars's surface; within them it will be possible to create an atmosphere and a climate suitable for the life of plants and humans.

The “Colony of Vertical Woods on Mars” has been unveiled at the entrance of the great exhibition SUSAS 2017, officially inaugurated on October 15 in the Minsheng Port District of Shanghai.

Shanghai Urban Space and Art Season 2017 is curate by Stefano Boeri, Lee Xiangning (dean of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University) and Fang Zhenning, an independent contemporary artist and international critic. The trio, together with the help of the co-curators Guo Xiaoyan, Feng Lu and Tommaso Sacchi, invited nearly 200 major curators, architects and artists from all over the world to realize an international exhibition around urban regeneration.

Moreover, the different perspectives of urban and public contexts’ future is the central theme of the event titled "This-CONNECTION – sharing a future of public space".  Here, Stefano Boeri Architetti studio is presenting the Martian experiment by means of an installation employing augmented reality technologies.

SUSAS 2017 will be opened to the public for three months.