An abandoned house turns into a luxury home with innovative materials

The renovation project led by Sander van Eyk, Cocoon Living studio, is one of the redeveloped buildings surrounding Amsterdam's canals. The three-storey building was abandoned for a long time; the new generation materials contributed significantly to the result, both in the aesthetics and functionality.

The interior design

White and light dominate the environment, creating open spaces designed to emphasize and frame the furnishings. The herringbone wood floor breaks this harmony to recall the ancient style of the house.

The luxurious living room is spacious and bright, with stuccoes, wainscotings and eccentric decorative objects. The central element of the space is the great round table, which suggests conviviality and is the symbol of large families’ everyday life.

The materials

A monumental handmade solid brass hood and a wall made of Carrara white marble: the style of the kitchen is based on the contrasts given by the most precious materials - including HI-MACS®, used for kitchen locks, geometric and completely white. The non-porous surface of the well-known new generation acrylic stone, perfectly smooth and without joints, ensures the maximum cleanliness and hygiene. The stoves are embedded inside the countertop, to get an amazing visual continuity. The shutters are made of HI-MACS® too; only a network of almost invisible thin lines reveal them.

The light and the white finishes find their highest expression and application in the bathroom. They contribute to make the environment (of only 9.5 square meters) more clean and spacious at sight.

Sander van Eyck used HI-MACS® Alpine White to create two identical washbasins, characterized by essential lines; they are embedded inside a top that invisibly hides a drawer. The washbasins, placed opposite each other, leave a large space for the bathtub in the middle of the room. Finally, mirrors seems to expand endlessly the perspective, creating a sparkling optical effect.


  • Project name: Amsterdam Canal Family Home
  • Work Completion Date: 2016
  • Architect/designer: Sander Van Eyck: COCOON LIVING Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Material: HI-MACS® Alpine White
  • Photos: Pam Kat Photography