A.P.O. plans the flagship store of SVD in Dubai

With a neo-industrial inspiration, the design combines metals with natural materials in 790 square metre premises.

The Antoni Pallejà Office (A.P.O.) design studio is undertaking its first operation abroad for Sivasdescalzo (SVD), the Barcelona firm for exclusive sneakers and contemporary clothing. The branch of the company in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) presents a neo-industrial character which creatively combines metals with natural materials.

The physical space in Dubai is added to the flagship stores of Sivasdescalzo Madrid and Barcelona that A.P.O. has designed as part of the collaboration undertaken since 2017. SVD Dubai is also the first international project by Barcelona’s A.P.O. studio.

In all our actions we work with contrasts between materials, combining industrial character with natural materials; we therefore use stainless steel and extend all its creative possibilities. In this work, we opted to combine it with exposed stone, conveying a sensation of roughness. Additionally, we have used a flocked finish on metallic stools and shelving, the covering generating a velvety finish, playing with contrasts between all the elements,” explains designer Antoni Pallejà.

The intention to plan a stark, industrial space is materialised in the construction details of the units, the existing installations that have been left exposed, and the panels selected for lighting. In turn, the stone covering of the walls has been achieved based on a laborious manual process: a cement layer is created on which stones between three and four millimetres wide (calibre) jut out.

The premises has a total of 790 square metres with an office, warehouse and store, set out on two floors. While the lower floor is allocated for younger brands, the upper mezzanine holds the design concepts. The project began with three different premises that were unified, demolishing walls and creating a sculptural and iconic staircase that connects all of the atmospheres.

We opted for a metallic mass, painted in an eye-catching green colour, that brings personality to the space. It simulates the effect of twisting, generating a 180º turn, to create a walkway providing access to the second level,” comments Pallejà.

To be able to complete the project, A.P.O. brought together its internal quality, design and materiality criteria with the technical and regulatory specifications of the local market.

Sivasdescalzo sought to expand its reach in Asia and the Middle East, choosing premises located in the Dubai Design District, a very dynamic area of the city of the Emirates, comparable to any financial district of a European city. It hosts numerous outdoor events and is an area of the city that is also frequented at the end of the workday, thanks to its restaurant establishments.

Photo credits: Anique Ahmed