“Living in Alentejo” by Studio Joana Aranha

Living in Alentejo, the latest project of Studio Joana Aranha, is a stunning renovation of a historic 400m2 single-story house in the Portuguese countryside, that has family, functionality, and joy at its core.

The 5000 m2 plot is punctuated by native olive and cork trees, that are artfully mirrored by an abundance of natural wood and stone used throughout the rustic interior. Turquoise and copper accents compliment a warm earthen colour palette, where subtle variations of terracotta, are set against bright white walls, to create a pervading atmosphere of tranquility.

Reflecting Studio Joana Aranha signature multi-disciplinary approach, that incorporates both interior design and architecture, voluminous high ceilings create naturally convivial indoor-outdoor spaces. The pool acts as a natural gravitational point for the surrounding structures, which feature a large outdoor dining and seating area, a paddle court and an additional outbuilding housing a gym.

The decorative style is a reflection of the multi-cultural experiences of its owners, from the delicate application of Moorish tiles and the subtle Arabic influence of the master suite to the vibrant colours of an African chair in the living room reminiscent of the homeowners’ happy memories in Mexico.

The project encapsulates an artful marriage between traditional and contemporary living, a signature style of Studio Joana Aranha, striking the balance between rustic and modern, and bringing the beauty of nature indoors.

Focus on materials

Studio Joana Aranha always want to honour the place that their projects are situated. Therefore, the design includes traditional materials to the region of Alentejo in Portugal - a lot of wood, elements of copper and Portuguese tiles.

Additionally, some of the materials chosen relate to the homeowners’ experience, such as the perforated brass lamps in the master suite which recalls their memories of Arabia. A specific detail to this project is the appreance of small antique Moorish tiles throughout the house such as inside the bathtub, the hallway and the passage to the living room.