Minimal luxury with material surfaces north of Düsseldorf

The Engelshove Architekten studio curated the luxury residential project in Oberahusen, north of Düsseldorf, based on contemporary and organic architecture. Perfectly immersed in the surrounding nature and essential in style, the interiors and exteriors of this sumptuous modern villa are in a constant mutual dialogue and are characterized by the maximum purity of form.

The large and fluid indoor spaces, in which the functional areas are connected, focus on a furnishing system with a minimalist and latest generation design, declined in a neutral and refined color scheme that oscillates between white, taupe, gray and black. Here, the imposing volumes of the structural parts of the house are enhanced and marked by homogeneous surfaces that reproduce natural material effects, in order to embrace the living environment with spontaneity and simplicity.

The true added value of the home is the outdoor, with lots of relaxation and living areas, a dining corner, a swimming pool and shower.

The material used to cover walls, floors and support surfaces strongly characterizes every area of this residential project: a cement-effect porcelain stoneware, of the range "X-Beton" (versions DOT-30, DOT-50, DOT-70) branded Cotto d’Este, aesthetically modern and technically performing for both interiors and exteriors.

Moreover, the tiles are produced with antibacterial technology Microban®, a solution created by the Panariagroup Research Center included in the line PROTECT, with its ceramic surfaces constantly protected, unalterable from wear and weather conditions, characterized by high hygienic performance.

foto credit: Arnd Haug