Natural stone and contemporary style for a private attic in Beirut

The elegance of marble – now again a trend in the interior design - characterizes the residential project led by Lithos Design Source, the consulting service which the company producer of tiles for walls, partition walls and natural stone floors offers architects and designers to support them with their materials’ know-how.

The renovation of a Lebanese private penthouse - designed by the architect Fouad Naayem and his studio FNA & Partners - expresses a balanced luxury combined with large architectural volumes, noble materials and a contemporary furnishing style.

There are several customized elements, including the walls of the hall, which are the backbone of the apartment. The color scheme consists mainly of neutral tones, used to emphasize the open-plan building and enhance the natural and artificial lighting.

In the model based on the collection Le Pietre Incise by Lithos Design Primes*, the coating is expressly light marble because the architect wanted to customize the collection to better include it in the context: in fact, in this project, Tratto is made of Bianco Lasa, a white marble with golden yellow veins, combined with interior design elements made of Macassar ebony, used to get a modern-classic contrast.

*The material

The Bianco Lasa Tratto version of Le Pietre Incise collection uses rough horizontal sections, which run in the lithic material to create a decorative 3d stone covering. Basic module size: 60x60x2 cm - cm 120x60x2 | Curve Luce e Coni Luce modules size: 60x60x14 cm.