Platov Airport: large format and thin thickness for a design business lounge

The business lounge of Platov airport, Russia, whose elegant floors are entirely signed by Laminam, is one of the most recent architecture building that uses ceramic slabs characterized by large formats and thin thickness.

The new Platov International Airport in Rostov-on-Don covers a total area of 50,000m2. It represents an important transport hub for its strategic position. With regard to architecture, one of the most interesting areas of the airport is the business lounge, which features a large window overlooking a very picturesque landscape on the lands of the Rostov province.

Vox Architects curated the project, designing interiors aimed at conserving and enhancing the natural landscape surrounding the airport. For this reason, furnishings were arranged to not obstruct the view, preferring the use of cork and porcelain stoneware. The business lounge is also called “Sun on Don” for its particular reception area: a luminous artistic creation, exactly a Sun, on the river Don. Inside there are sofas, armchairs and single seats, a relaxation area, a restaurant and a children's area, with a maximum capacity of about 65 guests.

The materials

In order to meet the high standards of resistance, durability, fire-retardant properties and acoustic comfort, the materials of coverings and furnishings were carefully selected. For this reason, Vox Architects chose the ceramic slabs Laminam 1000x3000mm in 5.6 mm of the series Calce* for the floors of the business lounge, while for the doors and the vertical coatings of the toilet, they selected the collection Filo**, in Silver color.

Soft colors, delicate shades inspired by wet plasters and industrial cements. This is the concept of Calce porcelain stoneware slabs.

  • Available formats: 1000x3000mm,1620x3240mm;
  • Thickness: 3 mm, 5.6 mm, 12 mm;
  • Colors: Antracite, Avorio, Bianco, Grigio, Nero, Tortora


The technology and the material and stylistic research create an iconic texture, born from the image of an iridescent thread that repeats endlessly in a succession of braids, until it merges into a fabric, a shiny and metallic skin. The visual and tactile effect of Filo confuses the observer in a surprising effect of light that attracts and amazes at the same time.

  • Available formats: 1000x3000mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Colors: Argento, Brina, Ghisa, Mercurio, Oro, Pece, Rame, Rubino


  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Business Class Lounge - Platov International Airport in Rostov-on-Don
  • Design: VOX Architects
  • Trade company: MADE
  • Floor: Calce, Grigio (1000x3000mm – Laminam 5.6)
  • Floors and doors: Filo, Argento (1000x3000mm - Laminam 3+)